Binod Prasad Bhattarai


Name: Binod Prasad Bhattarai

Mr. Bhattarai is social activist, socio entrepreneur experienced and travel and tours consultant. He is serving in NRNA since 2009 and holds several executive positions. He has holds several positions in several social organizations in Nepal and abroad.



Key Roles and Activities:

• Former president of Leo Club of Kathmandu Bishalbazar in 2006-07
• Former Leo district Council Secretary of LD 325 B Nepal in 2005-06
• Former Advisor of Leo District Council 325 B Nepal in 2007-2008 & 2008-2009
• Former president of MOSU Qatar in 2012-2013
• Advisor of MOSU Qatar Since 2013
• Advisor MOSU Nepal in 2014-2015
• Former Executive Member of NRNA ICC in 2015-2017
• Former General Secretary of NRNA NCC Qatar in 2013-2015
• Treasurer of International Nepalese Blood Donors Since 2014
• Board of Director of TVI in 2015-16
• Chairman of TVI since September 2016