“TVI and its members are committed to adhere by the laws and regulations of National Bank of Nepal and other government entity of Nepal.  We have aim to list our shares in Nepal Stock Exchange in near future and give a productive results in Nepal socio-economy.


Trade Vision Investment Company (TVI) has set a standard of corporate governance, ensuring transparency in financial reporting, accompanied by good professional guidance and professionally equipped management that geared to have long-term success for the Company. Corporate governance sets focus not only on business risks and the company’s reputation, but most importantly to oversee the corporate social responsibility towards all our stakeholders.


As a responsible business, we recognize the significance of effective corporate governance by way of showing respect for society and the environment, communicate in an open and transparent manner, and perform in accordance with legal, corporate and ethical guidelines.


We have established a Corporate Governance Model powered by cutting-edge tools and relevant committees that are consistent with our relentless commitment in creating long-term stockholder value and they are part of the reason why we are well-positioned for a productive future.


Though our board of directors is ultimately responsible for overseeing the overall operation of our group, nonetheless, all of our employees play a vital role in enforcing solid governance in accordance with all related laws and regulations and conforms to the International Financial Reporting Standards. 


Our commitment is to deliver and maximize our value to our all shareholders and stakeholders alike, and to save the rights of the Minority, to promote the principles of integrity, credibility and transparency, that support a concrete understanding, that as a public conglomerate, we are the custodians of other people’s investments. That said, they have invested with us to achieve higher returns at an acceptable risk.”